Dizi finds old things and swirls them around and spits out new things.He often does this live, in front of other people, because it's so fun!

The Compound Eye - an audio-video collage in 7 chapters. running time: 18 min
The Compound Eye is a motion graphics animation video and audio collage. It is composed of mostly found elements such as print and television advertisements, stock video of nature and historical films, as well as custom-designed animation and video shot with a standard digital video camera. Most of the chapters are collections of live VJ sets performed between 2002 and 2006 at a variety of venues and alongside a variety of musicians and DJs. The soundtrack comes from various sources including music and voice-over by musicians and artists as well as improvised and composed electronic music and sound effects. The purpose for the movie is to try to gain some insights about the multiplicities of the media-saturated modern environment by using, as a model, the compound eye of an insect which distills a useful image from a complex array of fragmentary images. An insect's compound eye seen in a microscope resembles the hexagonal compartments of a bee or wasps' hive where their eggs and maggots grow. Some of the moving images in The Compound Eye are seen to be living within or trapped inside these compartments of the hive.
download and listen to audio tracks by DJ Dizi:
SpunkyMonk.MP3 | mono_1.8Mb | stereo_3.5Mb
KangarooMartini.MP3 | mono_1.5Mb | stereo_3.0Mb
Muey_Guapo.MP3 | stereo_0.4Mb
download and view video manipulations by VJ Dizi:
TCE_CH_1.MOV | video+audio_6.4Mb | on the tip of the tongue pondering oneself
TCE_CH_3.MOV | video+audio_16.3Mb | Will the satiated animal learn if we give him a drive? (an example of a social response)
TCE_CH_6.MOV | video+audio_16.1Mb | inside, it's glistening — and gently beating
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