NYC_subMix is a flexible video installation that focuses on busking musicians in the NYC subway tunnels. Minute details of the musicians and performers gestures are distilled out of the chaos as their sound is swallowed by the rumble of trains, alerts, and unlistening passengers.

NYC_subMix was installed at Baby Grand Apr 21-Jun 5, 2010 (one channel video, no sound). The installation consisted of a 5-hour looping video projection, 2 additional video monitors, 2 hand-cranked music boxes with film-strip mini-player-piano rolls mounted on a wall for visitors to crank, a series of video stills printed on transparencies in a light box. 2 enlarged video stills in light boxes, and several prints of video stills hung throughout the space. The music box strips were composed/punched by Phyllis Chen who also performed on toy pianos for the show opening.

NYC_subMix was also installed at DiMenna Center for NYsoundCircuit, Apr 14, 2012. Audio/video installation: 3-channel unsync’d video for 3 screens/3-channel audio for 3 speakers (9 tracks randomly shuffled and looped).