Life Cycles

LifeCycles_comp01live multi-screen video by Rob Dietz. music composed by John Glover. paintings by Mark Mastroianni


a world of fascinating shapes, shadows, textures, trash, and sea creatures

live multi-screen video and electronics by Rob Dietz

Materials And Their Destiny

md8ScreenCapX3a multimedia work based on A System of Architectural Ornament by Louis Sullivan

live multi-projection video by Rob Dietz. music composed by Curt Sydnor and performed by Cotyledons

SynEntia – Vitacea

synentia-vitacea_cap01a combination of audio and video feedback networks. a heavily processed live zero input mixer for sound and visuals.

The Compound Eye

compound_eye02The Compound Eye is a motion graphics animation video and audio collage. It is composed of mostly found elements such as print and television advertisements, stock video of nature and historical films, as well as custom-designed animation and video shot with a standard digital video camera.

The Memoirist

story/music/puppeteer/set design by Phyllis Chen video/cinematography by Rob Dietz PART I: The Tale for toy piano, music box and frying pan PART II: The Memoirist for toy piano, sampling keyboard, video PART III The Dream for toy piano, bowls, video, pillow The Memoirist is a three-part multimedia piece using toy pianos, sampling keyboard, bowls,props and […]